Boycott Snoop Dogg

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This country is suffering from an epidemic right now unlike anything I've seen even in the 1980's.  I should know - I was the first person to step up in 1987 and say this country needed to change the way it was understanding, and dealing with, the issue of sex trafficking, HIV, and drug abuse when I created the first hotline for people to call when seeking help for themselves, or others, to leave the sex industry. 

We have another problem right now brewing.  Snoop Dogg has confessed openly to "putting together an operation" where he was pimping women from one end of the USA to the other during his 2003 Playboy sponsored tour in a Rolling Stone interview.  In this interview, he only spoke about his "fantasy" and "fascination" - taking no responsibility nor even acknowledging the very real women who were abused, trafficked, raped and harmed during this tour and in connection with the other people in this "operation".  This confession in my opinion was to test to see if anyone would register any outrage or objection - and also to see if anyone would prosecute anyone in connection with this tour also. 

I had been in negotiations with MTV to do a "Real Life" documentary on Sex Workers Anonymous, and  series of public service announcements they were going to do for us to kick off their wanting to get involved in DOMESTIC sex trafficking because of the way it's spreading rapidly in our youth.  After I discussed with them what was going on with Snoop's tour that same year - they fired the producer I was speaking to.  Then all their efforts transferred into a trafficking project that launched in Sweden instead in 2004.    The message was clear - let's turn a blind eye when it comes to what's happening here in the USA to our own.

I speak in more detail about what happened on another site at  A site set up for trafficking victims and their families who are finding out there are some traffickers in this country our law enforcement, and politicians, as well as media - doesn't want to even touch. 

When I tried organizing a boycott of all of Snoop's products, and products he endorses, during the opening of "Turbo", a film by Disney where he's a "kid friendly" cartoon pimp - suddenly I had some housewife in another state calling herself an "anti-trafficking advocate" who blocked my posts about the boycott, got all of my sites, pages and social media shut down until two weeks after the film opened, and was spending over eight hours a day some days trying to put all attention onto me instead of the issue at hand.  After the film's opening was passed - she seems to have gone dormant now.  I'm sure she'll return now I'm launching this campaign.

I of all people don't hold someone's past against them.  50 Cent and Ice T have been open about their past.  They have also acknowledged their damage of women, and they've also put together programs that are positive for youth.   I also feel they are providing positive role models for our youth as well. 

But even they haven't done what I've been watching Snoop do recently - without taking certain precautions.  First he started the Snoop Youth Football League.  Then came the cheerleaders.   Now we have him investing in a medical marijuana delivery service?  I also have not seen him flash a medical marijuana card yet despite his promotions of these products that I fully support their medicinal uses.  The man has been hanging around other men like Rick "Freeway" Ross who was a part of the Iran Contra scandal that flooded this country with cocaine and violence unlike anything in history that spread across this country.

Does this program help the "disadvantaged youth"?  Not when to join costs $150.  Granted he says he "doesn't turn anyone away" but I've seen the interviews from other leagues who say they're suffering because of his league siphoning support, and sponsorship, for theirs. 

I've seen no programs or safeguards being put in place to address the violence towards women in the NFL, where the players were also the "customers" for this 2003 tour, other than the NFL simply dropping their tax exempt status.

This is a disaster brewing.  Especially with the reports I'm hearing from our local colleges and high schools talking about active, aggressive recruiting going on out here of our youth, male and female, into the sex industry out here in southern California where 80 percent of the world's pornography is also created here. 

We have colleges now who don't want to do anything about the young women being raped on their grounds.  I don't even want to think about what a young girl, or boy, would have to deal with if they were raped, drugged, or trafficked in connection with this league.  Clearly law enforcement doesn't want to go up against these people - and no safeguards are being set in place to protect these children because HE doesn't seem to recognize there's a problem - probably because frankly he's high.  Non-medical marijuana users are not exactly known for dealing with problems before they've become a crisis.

So I'm calling for people to boycott any product, service, record, company, TV show, etc. that's connected to Snoop until he deals with this issue.  I've heard no apologies to the victims of that tour, nor any responsibility taken for the damage that was done either.  I'm also not seeing any precautions, programs or steps being taken to address the environment that's being created by Snoop with this league that's already showing signs of a problem when P. Diddy has assaulted a UCLA coach. 

And still no one is addressing the core issues here.  There are young women on this cheerleader team that I'm not seeing precautions being set in place to protect them, nor am I seeing these boys being required to go through some kind of education and training about how to properly treat, and view, women. Boys by the way can be sexually abused and exploited also or has everyone forgot about Sandusky already?  Listen to the way Snoop talks about women openly as well as how we've seen the NFL players treat woman increasingly worse each year.  Plus the drug message being sent to these kids is clear - being high and disrespecting women pays. 

So join me until something is done.  More on steps you can take are on this site if you want to join me in turning this train around before it's too late.  It may already be too late and we're just not hearing from the victims for the same reasons the victims of the 2003 are too terrified to speak out also.  This is about our children - nothing is more important that that.    

                                                             -- Jody Williams